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グランピング ホワイト

Glamping introduction


Recommendation 1


Fully air-conditioned

The glamping tent is fully air-conditioned.

​ Cool with air conditioning on hot summer days and warm with heating on cold winter days. You can enjoy your stay comfortably all year round.

​Even on rainy days, the sound of rain reverberates through the glamping tent, giving you the feeling of being surrounded by nature!

​Customers with children, who are new to camping but want to try the outdoors! The accommodation plan recommended for such customers is glamping at GESASHI CAMP SITE♪


Recommendation 2

A large bed with the scent of cypress

Good smell of wood♪

This is a comment we often receive from customers who are entering a glamping tent for the first time. Hinoki is used for the bed frame of our glamping tent. Relax with the good scent of cypress♪


In addition, the glamping plan offers a large bed that we are proud of. White has 2 king sizes and brown has 2 queen sizes!

​Enjoy the BBQ, bonfire, and the nature of Yanbaru to your heart's content, drink delicious sake, and then rest in a comfortable bed♪


Recommendation 3

​We will prepare it wholeheartedly!

We will introduce the items that are available in the glamping plan of the Gesashi CAMP SITE♪

・2 beds


・Air conditioner, heater


​・BBQ stove, mesh, iron plate, tongs, gas burner

・Bonfire stand

・Firewood (1 bundle)

・Charcoal (about 1.5 kg)

・Bath towel, face towel (for the number of people)

・ Toothbrush (for the number of people)

・ Shampoo, body soap

*Toilet and shower are in a separate building.

​・Garbage bag (burnable, non-burnable)

*Garbage can be disposed of at the facility.

​ ★We hope you enjoy it!! 


​Large sofa *Brown


​Large sofa *White


​ We are preparing with all our heart 


BBQ stove, iron plate, tongs


charcoal, firewood, gas burner


cooler box

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